A Social Media Campaign for Young Worker Safety

    About the Campaign

    From April 13 – May 1, 2020, join our effort to increase awareness and promote workplace safety and health resources for teen workers employed over the summer break.  Help us share this information with teens, parents, teachers, and employers.  This effort is part of a larger campaign to protect teen workers at their summer jobs, or at temporary jobs year-round.  The 2019-2020 theme is “Keeping teen workers safe is everyone’s job!”

    Week 1: Teen Workers Have Rights!

    April 13th - 17th

    Week 2: Every Job Has Hazards!

    April 20th - 24th

    Week 3: Speak Up!

    April 27th - May 1st

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    Post Ideas

    Week 1 (April 13-17) "Teen workers have rights!"

    Teens have the same rights as other workers - a safe workplace, job safety training, needed safety equipment, speaking up w/o fear. Teens < 18 can't do it all – know what’s prohibited! https://www.youthrules.gov/know-the-limits/hazards/index.htm #KeepTeenWorkersSafe
    You have rights! Your right to a safe workplace is protected by law! Questions? Call 1-800-321-OSHA – your information is confidential. Tell a friend and share this video:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDprrB1xC1I #KeepTeenWorkersSafe

    Week 2 (April 20-24) "Every job has hazards!"

    #DYK Slips, trips, & falls are a leading cause of teen worker injury.  Most are easily preventable.  Clean up spills, move clutter out of walkways, wear rubber-soled shoes. 
    https://www.keepteenworkerssafe.org/  #KeepTeenWorkersSafe   
    Prepare all workers for emergencies—such as fires and violent situations. Teach them how to locate escape routes and explain where to go for emergency medical treatment.     https://www.keepteenworkerssafe.org/  #KeepTeenWorkersSafe
    #DYK - car crashes are the leading cause of teen deaths. Avoid distractions on your way to/from work. Teens > 17 may drive for work – stay focused.
    Get a safety check up - https://www.nsc.org/forms/safetycheckup - enter age/state/job to learn what hazards to look out for - click https://www.keepteenworkerssafe.org/ to learn what you can do about workplace hazards. #KeepTeenWorkersSafe
    Every job has hazards & getting to/from work does too.  Remind teens to avoid distractions when driving and to be aware of the hazards at work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBlx7TxJlZs&list=PL337F74DED367FDE7 #KeepTeenWorkersSafe
    Talk to teens about health and safety hazards in the workplace, and their rights and responsibilities at work https://www.keepteenworkerssafe.org/ #KeepTeenWorkersSafe 

    Week 3 (April 27-May 1) "Speak up!"

    Encourage teen workers to be safety leaders! Reassure them it is okay to report safety hazards. Take action together to eliminate or reduce the hazards they spot. https://www.keepteenworkerssafe.org/ #KeepTeenWorkersSafe
    Teen workers want to do the job right and may not speak up if they are unsure. Encourage them to ask questions and tell them how to report safety concerns. https://www.keepteenworkerssafe.org/ #KeepTeenWorkersSafe
    Let teens know they can report any safety concern or work injury right away - it’s illegal for employers to fire them for reporting a safety issue.
    www.osha.gov/workers/index.html #KeepTeenWorkersSafe
    New to a job? You may see things other workers miss. Ask questions & speak-up if you see something unsafe! Check out this video by teens on staying safe in the workplace! https://youtu.be/oqbYdAOw5RA

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